A Healthy Aussie Day…with recipes!

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Healthy Burger

Aussie Day is coming up – it’s time to recap. How’s the ‘eating better’ New Year’s resolution going? For many of us, Australia Day is a very social day…usually it starts with demolishing a tray or two of lamingtons, some greasy snags on the barbie and enjoying a few drinks with friends. In a recent study from CSIRO, 69% of … Read More

Tips for a Healthy Christmas

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Tips for a Healthy Christmas

I just don’t have a cut off switch when it comes to a Christmas feast. The problem is, with silly season in full swing I’m overindulging in way too many Christmas temptations. Between work functions, end of year farewells, catch ups and family gatherings I’m saying yes to everything – including my aunty’s absolute killer trifle…oh my, it’s soooo unhealthily … Read More

Stubby shorts and sushi rolls? How our truckies are helping roll out healthy highways

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Think of a truckie and a dietician and you probably wouldn’t expect this odd couple to have much in common. The Aussie truckie renders a pretty iconic image – one of a beer-bellied, blue singlet and stubby shorts-wearing, iced-coffee slugging, pie-eating larrikin. The character is as Aussie as a Chiko Roll, and I should know – I’m married to one … Read More