10-year-old Georgie talks ‘sometimes’ foods (and how her Mum’s nagging is finally sinking in)

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Coorong Healthy Highways: Georgie eating her sometimes food

Hi I’m Georgie, my Mum works for OPAL and Coorong Healthy Highways. I’m a very picky eater and me being a kid means I don’t always want to eat the food I’m served, but I know I have to eat healthy and I’m starting to get in the habit.

It’s not always easy to eat healthy food, but after I do it, I feel a lot better. What I’ve learned from my Mum is that you don’t have to always eat healthy and it’s always good to have a treat every once in a while, but don’t turn sometimes food into everyday food. That’s what my Mum keeps telling me.

As well as eating healthy it’s also very important to be active. I find that lots easier to do. There are lots of different things you can do to stay active like having a go at disc golf in Tintinara, or taking on a sport or just going for a run around the house.

My favourite healthy food is cherry tomatoes. They’re so juicy and full of flavour and they’re so easy to grow. Mum isn’t the best gardener and that’s the only thing she can grow (lucky for me) – and they come in so many different colours. I also love Coorong mullet that Mum cooks. I don’t like battered fish it’s just too unhealthy and gives me a tummy ache! Mum says it’s great you can now get Coorong Mullet on lots of healthy highways menus.

My favourite sport is basketball. I love it! I’m usually quite slow and lazy and scared to even touch a ball, but when I get on the court there’s no stopping me from getting my hands on the ball. I also love kayaking. It’s so calming and great to do it with friends (and it keeps Mum happy – she loves to see me being active!).


Georgie Morgan, 10 years old, is the daughter of Tanja Morgan, Manager of the Coorong District Council’s OPAL Program and leader of the award winning Coorong Healthy Highways program. Working with local businesses, the Heart Foundation and other key partners, this project has created healthy menus at more than 20 food outlets across the Coorong district – and means that families can now easily find healthy food when they’re travelling around the region.

 If you want to find healthy food in the Coorong, you can be guided there by jumping on the CHH website – the online maps will guide you right to the door of all the healthy food outlets, and even show you where the local playgrounds, reserves, trails and tourism icons are (in case you need to stop and give the legs a stretch too).

 Make sure you check out our website www.cooronghealthyhighways.com.au