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Aussie Day is coming up – it’s time to recap. How’s the ‘eating better’ New Year’s resolution going?
For many of us, Australia Day is a very social day…usually it starts with demolishing a tray or two of lamingtons, some greasy snags on the barbie and enjoying a few drinks with friends. In a recent study from CSIRO, 69% of aussies identified themselves as the main barrier to meeting their healthy eating goal. More often than not we blame social activities for getting off track.
Not this time, we’ve got this! Coorong Healthy Highways is here to help you make a plan for a healthy Australia Day feast and if I was to take a punt, I would say you will probably be having a great big ol’ aussie BBQ…? Am I right?!

Here are my tips to a healthier Aussie day and let me tell you it’s going to be one hell of a crowd pleaser.

The aussie heat is always a killer, so starting the day by hydrating your body is important. Drinking water throughout the day means you are also less likely to snack and more likely to make better food choices. Drinking water can be fun, I promise, pull out the soda stream and make some bubbly water or head to the shop and grab some soda water. Squeeze in the juice of some lemon or lime, add in some fun bits and bobs like mint, berries or orange slices for a bit of added flavour, then fill it with lots of ice! You now have yourself a little spritzer – Drink up.

Start the day with some homemade dips or if you don’t have time buy some hummus or tzatziki (always a healthy go to), serve it with some grainy crackers, wedges of wholemeal wraps and some colourful veggie sticks.

Homemade burgers – YEEESSSSS!!! These babies are super easy and super tasty. I always love making my own patties and that way I know exactly what’s going in them! Depending on your individual taste and your level of adventure, I’ve listed two burger options for you to choose. Option one is something a little different, so if you are a fan of different then you should try my favourite thai burger recipe. You’ll notice there aren’t any specific measurements, I’m not big on details, I like to make things to taste and experiment with quantities – cooking is meant to be fun. At the end of the day it’s going to taste great and there’s something thrilling about cooking without a measuring spoon.

Chicken/Turkey Thai Burgers:
Packet of chicken or turkey mince (or use both)
Carrot – grated
Couple sprigs of spring onion
Fresh coriander
Salt/pepper to taste
Garlic powder
Ground or fresh ginger
Maybe a bit of fish sauce
Need an extra kick? Try adding in a bit of thai red curry paste

Mix it all together, then portion out your patties with a spoon and cook with some olive oil on the BBQ. Serve with coleslaw and a grainy bun.

Okay here’s option 2 – Now, I’ve just finished telling you, don’t worry about quantities, experiment, be adventurous….! But I also know trial and error isn’t for everyone and some enjoy the methodical process of measuring quantities. So this one is for you, it’s mum’s recipe with measurements I’ve been told I MUST follow! To do it justice – I do and will pull out the measuring spoons, because I’m telling you it’s a damn good one. Doing you proud mum!

Classic Beef Burger:
500g lean beef mince
1 large or 2 small carrots grated
1 brown onion diced
Packet of chicken noodle soup (salt reduced)
1 cup of SR flour
1 ½ cup of water
1 egg
Salt and pepper to taste

Combine it all together. Get in there with your hands (clean hands) and mix it in. Let it sit in the fridge for an hour or two to thicken up and then it’s ready for the BBQ. Serve with sliced beetroot, tomato, low fat cheese, cucumber and lettuce in between a grainy bun.
Grilled vegies also taste ‘out of this world’ on this burger pattie – it’s so versatile. Try grilling capsicum, wedges of red onion, zucchini or eggplant. Yummmm.

End the day with a delicious bowl of fresh fruit salad with some greek yogurt. Be careful if you are buying the tinned version, they are often full of sugary syrups. Look for the tin that says it’s in 100% fruit juice!

It’s pretty likely that someone will pull out a packet of the aussie favourites and I’m not going to deprive you of a light, fluffy, mouth-watering slice of lamington. Just remember everything in moderation! So throw in a game or two of backyard cricket throughout the day to balance it out.

Have yourself a happy Australia Day everyone.
Stay Healthy!


Emily Arbon, Coorong Healthy Highways