Stubby shorts and sushi rolls? How our truckies are helping roll out healthy highways

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Think of a truckie and a dietician and you probably wouldn’t expect this odd couple to have much in common. The Aussie truckie renders a pretty iconic image – one of a beer-bellied, blue singlet and stubby shorts-wearing, iced-coffee slugging, pie-eating larrikin. The character is as Aussie as a Chiko Roll, and I should know – I’m married to one … Read More

Keep the kids fed and yourself sane on the road

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Firstly, let me state very clearly that I’m not a dietician, nor am I a nutritionist. BUT – most of my days revolve around food. As a mother of two, I’m constantly thinking about whether my family is getting all the nutrition they need … if you’re a parent, you probably know the drill. Child eats, child leaves disgusting half-eaten … Read More